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ABREU LAW / EB2-USA is a U.S. immigration law firm dedicated to the representation of individuals in I-140 immigrant petitions. 

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We represent individuals charged with federal crimes in U.S. federal courts. Federal crimes include crimes such as conspiracy, fraud, drug trafficking, violent crimes, computer crimes and other felonies.

We have a solid understanding of federal laws and court procedures, and are willing to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients.

Mr. Abreu represented Walid Makled Garcia in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Mr. Garcia has been described by U.S. government officials as the “kingpin” of drug traffickers.

In addition, Mr. Abreu has represented David Murcia Guzman, a Colombian money launderer who was described as “the Madoff of Colombia” and whose money laundering crimes nearly bankrupted the entire Colombian banking system.


If you are facing criminal charges in Florida, you can schedule a free and confidential consultation with Mr. Abreu.

confidential consultation with Mr. Abreu. He has experience throughout the state and regularly travels to attend regularly to attend hearings, depositions and trials. Mr. Abreu is a former assistant state prosecutor who has handled many misdemeanor, felony and capital felony cases.

With his extensive experience in the Florida court system, you can count on him to provide you with an honest evaluation of your case and competent representation should you choose to hire him.

The attorney’s knowledge and experience in the state of Florida certainly make him a viable and effective choice to guide a case involving crimes such as robbery, assault, drug crimes, sex crimes and other offenses that violate state laws.

Defensa penal del estado
eliminación de la lista ofac


International extradition involves significant legal and diplomatic complexity and, therefore, a lawyer specializing in this area must have a thorough knowledge of international laws and regulations, as well as experience in representing clients in extradition proceedings.

The work of the international extradition lawyer begins with a thorough assessment of the circumstances of the case and the applicable laws. From there, the attorney works closely with his or her client to present a strong defense against extradition. The attorney also works to ensure that his client’s rights are respected and that the extradition process is conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

Mr. Abreu is an experienced federal criminal defense attorney who has represented some of the world’s most notorious criminals, which qualifies him to handle cases of varying natures and an exceptional knowledge of the workings of the laws in the state.


To remove a person from the OFAC list, it requires an experienced attorney who works in conjunction with the U.S. Treasury Department, the relevant embassies, and has a thorough knowledge of the process.

embassies, and has a thorough understanding of the process. Such a process can take anywhere from six months to more than two years. Therefore, it is crucial to Therefore, it is crucial to retain an attorney with a proven track record of success in these types of proceedings.

To date, Mr. Abreu has successfully petitioned for the removal of eight (8) individuals and nine (9) companies that were named as Special Drug Trafficking Kingpins.
Designated by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Eliminación de la lista ofac
confiscación de bienes


Asset forfeiture is a legal measure that consists of the forced deprivation of a person’s or company’s assets without compensation. This measure may be carried out in cases where it is suspected that the assets have been acquired through illegal activities or when they have been used to commit crimes.

If you have received a notice of forfeiture, or if the government has seized any of your assets, you should act quickly and contact an experienced asset forfeiture attorney.

Call asset forfeiture attorney Robert E. Abreu, Esq. today if you are facing a seizure of your assets in state or federal court or if the government has already seized your assets.


Civil lawsuits can cover a wide range of issues, from contract disputes to personal injury, negligence claims, intellectual property, family law and discrimination cases. In a civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is on the party who is suing and must prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant, on the other hand, has the opportunity to present a defense and rebut the evidence presented by the plaintiff.

We have represented clients ranging from mom-and-pop businesses to international corporations in civil litigation. If you have a business, you are likely to be sued at some point, leave your case in our hands.

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Visas de residencia en estados unidos


There is an immigrant visa category available for those who can demonstrate exceptional ability in their area of specialization, which may include science, arts, mathematics, business, technology, sports, or medicine. Although the definition of “exceptional ability” is not explicitly stated in the law, it is considered that the person must have a significantly above normal level of expertise in these areas. Therefore, the applicant must provide evidence that he or she meets at least three of the seven criteria established by the USCIS.

Visa eb2-niw


The EB2-NIW is an employment-based visa that does not require sponsorship. The NIW (National Interest Waiver) stands for “national interest waiver.” This significates that the U.S. government will waive the requirement for a job offer.

The U.S. Department of Labor will grant authorization to employ a foreign national if the foreign national’s proposed endeavor will benefit the U.S. Therefore, a qualified individual can “self-apply” and obtain permanent residency (Green Card) in the U.S. based on his or her own professional experience and skills.




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    An EB2-NIW is an immigrant visa that grants a foreign national lawful permanent residence in the U.S. without the requirement of a job offer. The job offer requirement does not apply if the applicant can demonstrate that permanent residence in the U.S. would be in the “national interest” and would benefit the country.

    Yes, the two are very different in terms of their requirements, processing times and the documentation required for each. In general, an EB2 or other employment-based visas require a formal job offer for the applicant to be eligible to apply. Additionally, it requires a Labor Certification from the Department of Labor.An EB2 with NIW, on the other hand, does not require any offer of employment. The petitioner is not required to go through the labor certification process with the Department of Labor. This is provided that the petitioner (applicant) can prove that his or her admission to the United States would be of national benefit.

    Any foreign national may apply for an EB2-NIW visa. An immigration attorney can complete a solid application package that verifies all requirements and presents the appropriate legal arguments. An applicant does not need an employer.
    The EB2 National Interest Waiver precludes the need for a labor certification from the Department of Labor. Labor certification can be costly and time consuming to obtain. This visa also eliminates the requirement for an offer of employment. However, all other “entry” requirements must be met to be eligible for the visa.

    The EB2-NIW visa is available to foreign nationals who have obtained an advanced degree or its foreign equivalent in a professional field. These individuals may also meet this educational requirement with a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of progressive experience in their field. Individuals who demonstrate exceptional abilities in fields such as science, technology, mathematics, engineering, arts, business, etc., also qualify for this visa.
    An immigration attorney well versed in immigration law can best evaluate a candidate’s professional background to determine in which category the candidate best qualifies.

    An advanced degree under the EB2-NIW framework is a degree or qualification higher than a bachelor’s degree. The applicant can obtain this in the U.S. from a recognized U.S. college or university or a foreign equivalent of a U.S. advanced degree.

    La oficina de USCIS requiere una maestría u otro título avanzado. Si un solicitante extranjero solo tiene una licenciatura de los EE. UU. o su equivalente extranjero, se requerirán al menos 5 años de experiencia laboral posterior a la licenciatura en el campo especializado. Si el ciudadano extranjero que solicita esta visa también carece de la experiencia laboral requerida, deberá demostrar habilidades excepcionales en su campo para tener éxito en su solicitud de visa.

    The following persons are eligible to apply for an EB2-NIW:
    A foreign national who meets the following requirements:

    1. The proposed effort has substantial merit and national significance.
    2. The applicant is capable of advancing the proposed effort.
    3. Substantial benefits to the “national interest” of the United States.
      You can also qualify for the EB2-NIW visa if you demonstrate “exceptional ability” in the areas of the sciences, arts or business. You must meet at least three (3) of the following requirements:
      1. An official academic record attesting to a degree, diploma or certificate in your field;
      2. Letters confirming at least 10 years of full-time experience in your field;
      3. A license or certificate in your field;
      4. Evidence that you received a salary or remuneration above average in your field;
      5. Evidence of membership in professional associations in your field;
      6. Documents evidencing recognition for your achievements and contributions within your field.
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