Are you an engineer? Benefits of migrating to the USA on the EB2 visa

¿Eres ingeniero? Beneficios de migrar a USA con la visa EB2

I am an engineer and I want to work in the United States, what should I do?
There is simply no doubt that this is a common question among professionals who have completed their engineering studies and want to work in a country other than their native country.
However, to work outside your country of origin it is necessary to comply with a series of basic immigration requirements, such as the eb2 work visa, in order to connect you perfectly with the different job opportunities available there.
In this article we explain a little about engineering careers in the United States, as well as the conditions that you must meet to be able to exercise this professional activity.

Engineering careers in the United States


It is no secret that the United States has one of the best educational systems in the higher education field, but in terms of engineering careers, the access to a myriad of mechanisms to develop research is what attracts hundreds of people who seek to study abroad to obtain a higher level of excellence.
Engineering careers in the United States are designed to get the most out of their students, as it is a field that remains in constant growth that promotes the design, creation, optimization and maintenance of various technological advances for the benefit of humanity.
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In this field, engineering in the United States offers cutting-edge tools and resources so that the practitioner can consolidate 100% of his or her competitive, research and advanced problem-solving skills.

The most popular fields of study are:
– Aerospace engineering: which go through a rigorous training process for the formulation of aerospace technologies, also covering the areas of aerodynamics, thermodynamics and propulsion.
– Biomechanical engineering: this branch is responsible for providing state-of-the-art solutions for industrial development in the medical and health sectors.
– Automotive engineering: this area is responsible for the design, construction and evaluation of automotive products. A professional of this stature can apply this knowledge in a wide variety of environments.
– Chemical engineering: this academic training has been specifically designed to provide solutions to problems related to the chemical industry.
This field of action extends to a wide diversity of sectors, as they help to solve issues inherent to the world’s population such as efficient energy systems, waste management, pollution, as well as in the area of food processing.
– Electrical engineering: who will have the ability to combine electrical and mathematical knowledge to design energy efficient technologies that contribute to electrical systems for society.
They will also be able to focus their skills on improving telecommunications. In itself, their skills can benefit various industries, so they have a large job market within the country.
– Computer Engineering: Computer science is what is moving the world and therefore, the computer engineer has an amplified capacity to develop technologies within a wide variety of industries, along with the current technological advances; therefore, their employment opportunities skyrocket enormously.

Migrating to the U.S. as an engineer


If you are considering migrating to work as an engineer in the United States, it is vital to have a work visa.
In the meantime, there are different types of visas to work and each of them has an intentionality, as well as a series of additional requirements to consider.
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We have the L-1 visa that can be granted if the company where you work as an engineer transfers you to one of its headquarters within the USA.
There is also the EB-2 (NIW), National Interest Waiver, which is an immigrant visa that leads to permanent residency for people who have graduate degrees or exceptional ability in areas such as the arts, sciences or business and whose projects formulated in the country are in the national interest.
Know the differences between EB2 and EB2-NIW visas
If you want to know how to obtain an American visa in Colombia as an engineer or other professional with or without a track record, just contact us and request an appointment with one of our experts in American visa counseling.

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